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Pune is a perfect place for international and Indian IT companies seeking to expand their activities or start up a business in India. The city is easily accessible by road, thanks to the Mega-Expressway that connects Mumbai and Pune. Pune is also well-served by train. The availability of land in and around Pune made it possible to develop IT parks and other essential infrastructure for this industry. Pune is now a valued location for IT firms. The following is a list of top IT and tech companies in Pune that are searching for both freshers and experienced applicants. These are undeniably among many people’s dream companies around the world.

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Top Software/IT Companies in Pune

Here is the list of 15 best IT/Software companies in Pune:

  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Infosys Private Ltd
  • Accenture
  • Cisco
  • Wipro Limited
  • Amdocs
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Persistent Systems Ltd
  • Cognizant
  • Atos Syntel
  • Capgemini
  • IBM
  • Zensar Technologies Ltd
  • Virtusa India Pvt Ltd
  • KPIT Technologies Ltd

Tata Consultancy Services

TCS is a well-known company that is part of the Tata group. Customer Relationship Management, Consulting, Technology Services, Software Development, and Maintenance are just a few of the services provided by the company. TCS is a subsidiary of the Tata Group, India’s largest industrial conglomerate, with over 108,000 highly trained IT consultants working in 47 countries. TCS’s Pune headquarters is located in Hinjewadi’s Rajiv Gandhi InfoTech Park.

Infosys Private Ltd

Infosys is one of India’s largest IT companies, and many consider it to be the company that started the country’s technology/IT revolution. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality software services to a wide range of clients around the world. Infosys’ main office in Pune is situated in the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, Pune.


Accenture was Pune’s first multi-national company, and it is now one of the city’s top IT firms. The company has numerous locations in cities such as Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.
The firm’s services include IT and business software consulting as well as outsourcing services. According to statistics, the average annual revenue is estimated to be $29 billion. In India, the company has numerous branches in cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, and New Delhi.


In 1984, Cisco was established. Cisco focuses on addressing industry problems and offering network strategies to ensure its clients’ success. Cisco has a population of about 74,200 people. Cisco has long been regarded as one of the best networking firms in the world. Cisco is a dream job for any fresher in Pune because of its flexible work hours, approachable stakeholders, and numerous opportunities for self-improvement.

Wipro Limited

Wipro Limited is a market pioneer in information technology, business process outsourcing, and consultancy. Wipro was founded on December 29, 1945, by Mohammed Hashim Premji. In  1966, Azimji Premji, the son of Mohamed Premji, became the chairman of Wipro. To meet data demand, Wipro’s network providers believe in reshaping and rationalising their networks. Wipro delivers end-to-end managed services for enterprises whose clients choose to use next-generation devices. Consulting, network policy preparation and auditing, customization, implementation, integration, and monitoring are just a couple of their resources.


The organization focuses in the advertising industry and works on designing applications for it. Amdocs was founded in 1982 and now has a global sales of $3.97 billion and over 26,200 employees. In India, Amdocs hires 10,000 workers, making them even more efficient. Operational support systems (OSS), business support systems (BSS), open network technologies, big data analytics, Internet of Things, entertainment and media solutions are some of the services it offers. Amdocs has offices in many locations in Pune, with its headquarters in Magarpatta, Hadapsar.

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra was established in 1986 in Pune and now has a market capitalization of approximately $5 billion and operations in 90 countries. Tech Mahindra fosters a constructive and goal-oriented work climate under good leadership with a strong focus on personal development, with the aim of sharing encounters around the world. In areas like Yerawada and Viman Nagar, the company has a number of branch offices. The central office, on the other hand, is in Hinjewadi’s Rajiv Gandhi InfoTech Park.

Persistent Systems Ltd

Persistent Systems is a technology services corporation that started as Persistent Systems Private Limited on May 16, 1990. On September 17, 2010, it was transformed into a public Limited partnership called Persistent Systems Limited, and a new certificate of incorporation was released on September 28, 2007. In Pune, it has a number of offices.


Cognizant is a global technology firm headquartered in the United States that specialises in management consultancy, information technology, and outsourcing. Cognizant is a fast-growing organisation with highly trained workers that is a member of the Fortune 500. The organization has offices in many areas of Pune, but the largest is in Hinjewadi’s Rajiv Gandhi InfoTech Park.

Atos Syntel

Syntel, another well-known IT company, was recently acquired by Atos. The name of the company has now been changed to Atos Syntel. In order to get its customers up to the expectations of ‘internet native people,’ Atos-Syntel accelerates digital journeys and boosts market efficiency. This means that those who work there have unlimited opportunities to gain cross-technological knowledge while also being encouraged to learn on the job. The company’s annual sales has been estimated to be $14 billion, which is a substantial profit.
The firm’s office is in the MIDC IT Tower in Talawade, Pune.


A French company, Capgemini is one of the oldest in the world. Capgemini addresses explicitly industries such as IT consultancy, software outsourcing and other services.  Rajiv Gandhi InfoTech Park, Hinjewadi, is the company’s corporate location.The company is based in Paris, France. Capgemini has more than 270,000 employees in over 50 countries, about 120,000 of whom are in India.


IBM has a long legacy as one of the world’s most developed technical organisations. IBM hardware vendors have significant programming proximity to PCs, notebooks and others. In more than 170 countries they work. IBM is a global corporation with the bulk of Indians hiring 100.000 staff and with more than 300,000 employees globally. IBM is one of the leading corporations in the it sector. In 2017, IBM also reported revenues of $79 billion. IBM has various offices in Pune, the main ones in Yerawada and in Hinjewadi’s Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park.

Zensar Technologies Ltd

The company is founded in 1991. Zensar is listed as one of Pune’s top IT firms. The company is recognised as the country’s leading IT services and infrastructure company. Zensar was the recipient of the Creativity Prize in the category “Creating an Impact-IT Skills” in 2018. Zensar has its office in Kharadi, Pune.

Virtusa India Pvt Ltd

In the year 1996, the company was established. It also has branches in the United Kingdom, the United States, Sri Lanka, Hungary, India, and Singapore. Market consultancy, app development, IT consulting, legacy asset management, and product development are among the services offered by the organization.

KPIT Technologies Ltd

KPIT Technologies Limited is an Indian multinational company headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India. It was established in 1990 by Kishore Patil and Ravi Pandit. It offers applications to the automotive industry,  KPIT has production centres around the world, including Europe, the United States, Japan, China, Thailand, and India.
Engineering, IT, outsourcing, and market consultancy are among the services offered by the organisation.

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