What factors to keep in mind while taking a service apartment on rent?

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With people moving to metro cities in search of jobs, opportunities and dreams, property seems to be an ever-booming market within the big cities. With apartments and houses springing up even within the tiny patches of free land available, finding a home is an awfully confusing task nowadays. If you are someone who is on the lookout for a service apartment for Kharadi, Pune here is some stuff you have to detain mind before renting a service apartment.


Always consider your budget carefully before deciding to require up any service apartments in Kharadi, Pune. The items to contemplate would be; gross rent paid, deposit, maintenance, and upkeep. All those things have to factor into your decision to hire out a flat.

Once you recognize what the rent of your new penthouse is, consider your household income. As a rule of thumb, it’s okay to spend 30% of your household income on rent in any given month. Once you have got your budget sorted out, searching for an area is much easier and less time-consuming.


If you’re experienced in renting out an area, you will probably bear in mind of those factors more or less, if not, then here’s the things that you will have to make that house a home.

Check the quantity of noise therein area – having religious institutions nearby may well be good for your piety but can have a disastrous effect on your sleep schedule.

Check if household services are available therein area – From cleanup to housekeepers, there are many areas where these basic services are difficult to return by, so make sure that you’re not making your life tougher within the future.

Check breakdown cycles – some areas are notorious for a variety of power cuts that occur there. To confirm your apartment provides for power backup or there are limited power outages there.

Check water limitations – Water is taken into account the element of life, so maybe having a check on whether your serviced apartment is provided with rainwater harvesting or has some water facility to fulfil demand and provide will benefit you. Else you won’t option but to literally air your dirty linen.

The Cypress Green keeps in mind all these factors and provides you with the best services according to your needs and requirements for an apartment area in Kharadi, Pune.


This is one document that’s very vital in any tenancy. If your licensee refuses to enter into an accord with you, leave the place. You are not safe without this document in situ.

Anything else of relevance to you both must be spelled go on the contract. It should even be an honest idea to hint to the owner that he/she are going to be susceptible to pay money for repairs that happen within a month of the tenant occupancy.


There are several options for service apartments in Kharadi, Pune one can narrow them down into an inventory so it’s easier to form your decision. Remember, there are certain factors that will determine its price – like location, facilities, and your chosen room.

Even then, don’t compromise your lifestyle just to suit your budget –you ought to do an intensive comparison of your options so you get your money’s worth.


This is a decent way to understand how caring and professionals they are apartments in Kharadi, Pune. If one needs to rent an area can enjoy all the amenities and applications with great hygiene which is highly important.


These are the best tips you can consider renting a service apartment in Kharadi, Pune and we are glad to inform you that one can find the best facilities with all amenities at Cypress green.

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