Why are Service Apartments cheaper than hotels?

service apartments in kharadi

Are you planning to visit Kharadi Pune for a short-term stay? Do you have certain budget issues? We The Cypress Green know hotels are more costly than Service apartments. People who visit Kharadi either for travelling or business purposes prefer such accommodations. There is a number of reasons why people consider living in Service apartments:

Fully Furnished: Service apartments are furnished fully with the highest quality metal or wooden furniture and wardrobes. You will be able to easily store your belongings and luggage. Generally, the home unit is much better than those standard hotel rooms. There’s a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and access of TV, lot of plug sockets, washer, dishwasher, dryer and each one those things that you just simply expect to possess in an exceedingly modern apartment.

Simply put, a service apartment is an apartment that gives the assurance of a lodge but has the added expansion and seclusion of a personal home. Typically, a serviced chamber is twice the scale of a mean chamber (45m2 vs. 20m2) and offers guests a far greater level of comfort and space.

No hidden cost: There are not any hidden costs, rates include property management costs, utilities, property tax charges and weekly servicing. Internet Service is additionally included.

Not only are service chambers usually more economical than motels, but the rates generally lessen the longer you stay. You will also always get more room, more freedom and more privacy than during an inn room. Service apartments in Kharadi Pune also offer discounts to customers who stay for the long term, on the other hand, hotels offer rigid pricing structures for their rooms.

Prices are Affordable: Service apartments in Kharadi Pune are always lower priced than equivalent guest house accommodation. If a hotel matched the serviced chamber for example rate of INR 2000 per night for the stay, you would still get better deals for Service apartments.

This may surprise lots of individuals, yes, it’s true serviced apartment are inexpensive for staying for per week generally. On a mean, a serviced apartment should cost you 30%, but the hotel stays. It’s going to be even more after you plan an extended stay. In serviced apartments, you will be able to stay for long weeks or months as per your wish. For hotels, you have got to play just for rooms and for foods you order owning. But in a service apartment in Kharadi Pune, you will be able to cook yourself and help to avoid wasting money. The food items if they supply also could also be cheaper than the restaurants.

Penthouse rates generally reduce consistent with the length of your stay, this can be thanks to a variety of things, including:

• Maid service is required less frequently than in an exceeding lodge
• Crib doesn’t have a restaurant.
• Most hotel rates include breakfast
• Serviced chambers have far fewer workers than hotels.
• Staying in a very home unit let down the overall fetch of your stay by removing laundry invoice, room service and other hotel costs.


A service apartment in kharadi Pune is substantially cheaper than a basic hotel room when staying for an extended period of your time. Both due to the particular cost of the apartment compared to a bed-chamber, but also thanks to the likelihood to cook for yourself and not having to dine out for every meal. You can search “best Service apartments in Kharadi Pune” to have better options for safe accommodation.

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