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The spread of the Novel Corona Virus is at its peak. Every sector is taking measures to deal with the pandemic. Likewise, the hospitality sector has to be extra careful in dealing with the globally spread situation.

Hotels stand in the need of taking precautions. The hotel manager and staff have to work towards improving the health and safety measures of guests as well as the employees. As per reports, the virus can spread rapidly and more easily than the virus responsible for seasonal influenza. This paves way for strong and effective measures to be taken to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get your hands on the measures and precautions which that the best Hotel in Kharadi is taking. All the efforts are to safeguard the guests and employees and enable them to combat the circumstances.

• Use of disinfectant products that are pre-approved for use against the virus. They should be used during routine cleaning of all the places of the hotel leaving no potential spot.

• The linens, bed sheets, upholstery, curtains, furnishings, etc should be disinfected as they pose a risk of spreading the virus. They should be washed more frequently.

• The staff should use the disinfectants with correctly and with complete safety measures. They should use gloves and follow the instructions provided for the use of the chemicals. The surfaces and areas should be thoroughly cleaned for several minutes to extract the most virus killing protection.

• All the public spaces, reception desk, and other places frequently visited should be cleaned regularly. The room keys orchids, vending machines, tables in the lobby area, elevator buttons, and water fountains in every possible public space touched often should be disinfected.

• The gas in the workers should be reminded to wash their hands with the hand wash or soap and warm water frequently. If possible, hand sanitizers, which have 60% of alcohol content, should be provided to the entire guests or kept at places for use. The norm of social distancing should also be followed by the guests and workers.

• The staff should be completely aware of the common signs and symptoms of the coronavirus infections which include dry cough, fever, and shortness of breath. This would help them to take immediate measures to deal with the situation of potential infection of the virus.

• The best hotel in Kharadi should maintain up-to-date and proper records of the infected or potentially infected individuals who have been to the property. These records should be kept for at least 90 days especially when any case has been confirmed in the hotel of the virus.

• The hotel authority and staff should stay informed and updated with credible information on the COVID-19 pandemic which is listed on the official website of the Government and the World Health Organisation.

• In an instance of the presence of symptoms of the virus in any of the guests or workers, the hotel authorities should immediately consult the local health department to determine the appropriate actions. Immediate measures such as isolation or quarantine, travel restriction, social distancing, and medical treatment should be taken to prevent the possible spread of the virus to the other individuals present at the property.

The best hotel in Kharadi and everywhere else should ensure that the international guidelines are followed at the hotels. This is crucial for the safety and health of the guests and staff. To prevent or limit the spread of the virus, these steps are crucial. If not followed properly, the results could be fatal.

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